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Are bamboo floors a Green product?

"The modern, environmentally friendly and durable alternative to hardwood is bamboo flooring. Bamboo flooring is a grass a sustainable resource: wood takes approximately 15-20 years to reach maturity, whereas the non-harmful harvesting of bamboo takes a mere 3 to 5 years. Bamboo flooring is low maintenance, hard wearing, and has a variety beautiful looks . As well as being environmentally sound, bamboo flooring is competitively priced for such a hard product .Installation with bamboo flooring is simplified by three different methods: 1) Floating floor: this involves gluing the tongue and groove joints of the bamboo flooring together over an underlay. 2) Blind Nailing: the bamboo floor is ‘secretly’ nailed to down to a wood sub-floor. 3) Glue down: literally gluing the bamboo floor to a sub-floor.

"What is laminated wood flooring?"

Composition Laminated flooring is made from a base of multiple layers of resin-impregnated paper, which is pressurized into a wear-resistant composite. This laminated product is then glued onto a composite plank and cut into exact interlocking planks to ensure uniformity for installation. With an image rather than an actual layer of wood. laminated flooring has a sealed bond when installed properly, preventing absorption of spills and dirt. The "floating" design of the product allows for expansion at the outside edges of the room, rather than the gapping that is common with genuine wood products. Laminate flooring can also be installed over almost any sub floor. Installation Laminated flooring is designed to be installed over a foam sheet barrier and some laminates have padding already on the product. Some manufacturers recommend using a glue application when installation is in a water-prone room such as a bathroom, but the labor is time-intense strapping process . Misconceptions While laminated wood flooring is touted as a "do-it-yourself" product, installation can be time-consuming, and the margin of error is nil. Rooms with crooked walls, off-square corners and obstacles such as a kitchen island can make the risk of error more costly than hiring a professional installer. While most reputable manufacturers carry an extensive warranty on their product, all warranties depend on the installation process being held exact to the manufacturer's specifications. Therefore if a homeowner deviates from recommended instructions in any way, they run the risk of voiding their flooring warranty."

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