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Wood Floor Installation

Wood Floor Installations

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What kind of flooring should I use? Why? Solid , engineer? Can it be installed over concrete sub floor? We will let you know the answer to all those questions and more including what many sales reps will not tell you unless you ask. We install wood floors in all different widths and speices , Red Oak ,White Oak ,Maple ,ash ,Beech ,Walnut ,American Cherry and exotics like Brazilian Cherry , Santos Mahogany ,Rosewood , Tiger wood and Teak. Un-finished , Prefinished, Engineer and Laminates.
Our speciality  is installation of Medallions and Inlays! After you browse our site ,we invite you to make an appointment to explore your design ideas and choices available to you at Rich Hardwood Floors Inc. Request an appointment on our contact page or give us a call to receive a free at home estimate. Read more about us and discover why Rich Hardwood Floors Inc. is your #1 Northern California Hardwood Floor Installation Company.

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Nail Down/Staple Installation-  In nail down or staple installation, the solid or engineered wood strips are nailed to the subflooring (usually either plywood or plank wood). The floor is arranged with random length strips.

I have found that in my area 5/16" works fine for expansion, until I get closer to water (ocean or lakes) then I will go with the 1/2". Back in the days, with wider planks we would place pennys every 3' laid for the expansion. Release cuts also works well. Under fireplaces undercut the fireplace for the expansion .Sliding doors use header boards.

Glue Down- Installation In this method we glue down engineered wood strips or parquet directly to the subfloor. In most cases the subfloor is usually concrete so we pay extra attention to moisture.
Glue down installation- can be walked on the next day and furniture can also be moved in.

Floating Installation- This method the floor floats over foam cushioned padding. If the flooring has a locking system we can lock the pieces together without glue. Floating installation can be used with either laminate or engineer flooring. Not all engineered surfaces can be floated.

Floating installation can also be placed over a subfloor of questionable quality unlike the other two modes. Also, floating floors are a great option if you have multiple layers of flooring and do not want to remove them all. When thinking about the floating installation it is important to consider the wear layer. The thicker the wear layer is the more times it can be refinished.

Rich Hardwood Floors provides start to finish wood floor service on new construction, remodels, and wood floor refinishing projects. Whether you're laying a wood floor in a new house or replacing one that's damaged beyond repair, there are dozens of species to pick from, including trusty domestics, such as oak and maple, and intriguing exotics, such as tamarind and acacia. You also have a choice of widths—if rustic wide planks or traditional narrow strips—and stain colors, which allows you to tailor your floors to your house's style and decor. And thanks to modern adhesives, a wide variety of species are available as "engineered" boards. Made from a stable sandwich of veneers, rather than solid stock, engineered floors can go places where it wasn't practical to install wood before: over radiant-floor heating systems and concrete and in basements

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Hardwood Floor Installations

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